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Now you can add our “Word of the Day” gadget to your blog or your website.

The number inside the “Word of the Day” gadget also indicates the ranking (popularity) of the word’s appearance in Chinese publications. To suit users of different levels and learning needs, we have created four gadgets with words that are ranked 1000 apart. Beginners can use the basic level gadget, while advanced students can use our level IV gadget. We have placed part of the vocabulary list on our Word Rank page.

Embed Gadget on Your Website
Add the “Word of the Day” gadget to your site is easy. First, choose the gadget of your choice. Then copy the corresponding HTML code and insert it to your website. And that is it!

For Level 1 gadget:

For Level 2 gadget:

For Level 3 gadget:

For Level 4 gadget: