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For bopomo/zhuyin users:
b   ㄆp   ㄇm   ㄈf   ㄉd   ㄊt   ㄊn   ㄌl   ㄍg   ㄎk   ㄏh   ㄐj   ㄑq   ㄒx   ㄓzh   ㄔch   ㄕsh   ㄖr   ㄗz   ㄘc   ㄙs   ㄚa   ㄛo   ㄜe   ㄝe/ê   ㄞai   ㄟei   ㄠao   ㄡou   ㄢan   ㄣen   ㄤang   ㄥeng/ng   ㄦer   一y/i   ㄨw/u   ㄩyu/yo/ü  

一ㄥying   ㄨㄥwong   ㄩㄥyong   ㄩㄣyun  

4 responses to “Compose”

21 06 2008
Joanna (18:48:54) :

Yay! One of my favorite parts of this website. Thanks a lot for this! :]]

One thing though…it worked before when I pressed the “+” to see more characters, but it’s not working now for some reason…

22 06 2008
admin (10:20:54) :

you can always use “PgUp” “PgDn” button.

4 07 2008
vivi (01:24:10) :

wow… i like it this website
i can learn chinese language (pinyin & hanzi) of course with intonation token

28 09 2010
Juanita (18:26:59) :

Thank you :3
¬°Amazing tools to study chinese!