Hi, my name is Franz Chen, and I maintain cozychinese.com as a service to people interested in learning Chinese as second language. I started this site to help friends and family who needed tools to convert characters and phonetics of traditional Chinese to that of simplified Chinese. Later, I added audio, word usages, gadgets, and other contents. Occasionally, I also post annotated news.

The mobile section (http://m.cozychinese.com) is new addition to the site with popular word of the day gadget. More content will be added in the near future.

Access to all of the tools on cozychinese.com are free. If you use the tools to convert contents, please reference this site. To help making this website useful to more people, please tell your friends, teacher, classmates, etc. If you own a blog, please write a blog post about how much you like it.
Link to: http://www.cozychinese.com.

If you would like to contact me please use the comment field below.

This site was built on top of WordPress using PHP, mySQL and javascripts. Audio files were recorded in China by professionals for quality.

The CEDICT database is used throughout the site.

Many of the stories were provided by my friend David Lei.

3 responses to “About”

21 05 2011
Firas (09:28:56) :

Thanks a lot.

could you please add the most used verbs in Chinese language in one group and to be the best by give an example.

29 09 2011
Enrico Cerulli (01:10:47) :

It’s the first time I see your wonderful site. It’s fantastic! It’s very very useful for everybody who wants to learn your wonderful language. I’m learning Chinese only for one year and half. I’ll tell all my friends. Thanks again.

4 05 2012
Jeremy (07:05:06) :

Hi Franz, (Great site, well done!)

1. Couldn’t you eliminate some of the blank space above the ‘Convert’ box (e.g. above and below the Google search bar)? I have to keep scrolling down each time I want to click on ‘Convert’ – and I have a standard 15.6 laptop.

2. I, too, would like to have the Pinyin separate from the Chinese in [], but I completely accept your reason. An idea for anyone wanting to frequently paste responses into Word or Excel: they could write a simple macro to eliminate all instances (for the selected text) of [] and anything inside them (place an icon on toolbar for simplicity).


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