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Matched Chinese words are suggessted as you type English
Enter English words in the main textarea. Matched Chinese words will list at the right column. Then, type the corresponding number to select.

1. Type “chinese4” to select 中国人 or “chine6” to select 中文
2. Type “travel1” to select 旅行

Note: It may take a few minutes to load this page if you use it for the first time.

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3 responses to “Dictionary”

1 01 2008
Luis Garces (13:55:12) :

Any way for you to add in this page the Pinyin equivalent to the Chinese character? It would be a big help for us trying to learn your beautiful, but difficult language.

24 03 2009
Sirin (19:12:35) :

Wonderful tool! Very helpfull indeed. But i agree with previous post. It’ll be great and very convinient if you embed conversion right here. Because during the work need to switch between dictionary and conversion all the time to see Zhuyin for the symbol. Thank you.

12 10 2009
Peggy (06:25:12) :

Great tool, but would it be possible to use traditional?