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5 responses to “Zhuyin”

28 08 2007
Sophie (15:21:13) :

My son is learning Chinese simplified with pinyin. Since I was educated with bopomo system (zhuyin), I had some difficulty helping out with the homework. This tool is just what I needed.

Thank you!!!

22 10 2007
Sunny (06:19:45) :



19 12 2007
tom (09:51:34) :

Great tool!
Now I can easily compare Zhuyin and Pinyin.

13 02 2008
Charles (09:18:11) :

Thank you for this great website.

11 01 2010
lao shi (18:26:31) :

I love zhu yin. It was the official system in the Republic of China before the communists took over and, of course, still is the official system in the Republic of China, Taiwan.

Thanks for providing this service and for supporting traditional Chinese culture.