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11 01 2007
CLEn (09:37:57) :

Hi! Very nice site! Thanks you very much!

7 05 2007
Jerry (23:42:16) :

Very useful. I have already bookmarked it.
Thank you for providing the tool!

8 05 2007
Megan (15:48:45) :

I came acroos this website by accident and it was a happy accident. I will too bookmark this page for future reference.

10 05 2007
Ronald (19:55:35) :

Can you create a Google gadget with this? I like to use it directly from my Google home page.

26 05 2007
ABR (09:52:57) :

Hmm, doesn’t seem to work with less common characters — maybe look into getting data from the Unihan “database” (from

6 06 2007
Golsm (15:30:08) :

Hi! nice site!

7 06 2007
Goly (12:28:05) :

Yeah! nice site!

11 07 2007
Claudio (11:47:18) :

Thank you. it’s what i need.

25 07 2007
hui lian (01:46:36) :

awesome tool!! I’ve bookmarked it :)

25 07 2007
ripat (05:00:22) :

Very nice tool, but are you sure it works correctly?

It translated 單 as shàn but I am quite sure it should be dān.


Best regards

25 07 2007
ripat (06:35:16) :

腳 is translated as jué, but shouldn’t it be jiǎo?

25 07 2007
ozy (10:37:37) :


Thank you for the feedback. I guess there are still some issues with converting words that have two or more pronunciations. Will fix that in the near future.

In your comment:

腳 is promounced jué when it means “role”. As role played by an actor.
It is promounced jiǎo whenit means foot ( which is commonly used).

單 is pronouced shàn when it is refered to the surname.
It should be dān when it means singular (which is commonly used).

30 07 2007
ripat (07:16:05) :

Thanks. Here is some more feedback:

It didn’t return pinyin for 黃 (yellow).

It works really well for most of the characters I try it on, the ones that I have told you about are about the only really issues I have had so far.

Good work!

Best regards

30 07 2007
ripat (15:01:13) :

Shouldn’t 見 be jiàn instead of xiàn?

3 08 2007
Mark (02:54:19) :

Cool Site! Really helpful for learners. Thanks a lot.

10 08 2007
Tim (11:14:38) :

Great site! I also liked the annotation and audio features in the posts.
Keep it up!

23 08 2007
skyocean (00:05:03) :

good site is very usefull thanks a lots

19 09 2007
iL_Pinturicchio (11:22:17) :

thank you very much
it’s a fluke i got to this website
but i am glad i got this website
very helpful

2 11 2007
Vint (20:36:52) :

Its great!!
Thank you very much…

4 11 2007
Chris (04:24:50) :

行[háng] 不行[bù xíng]

7 11 2007
Davis (07:37:44) :

Hi guys :

This is great ! But, is there any freeware that allows you to change the text from Simplified Chinese to Traditional Chinese when you are typing on a Excel file or Word.

I mean, without copy and paste here, do the conversaion and then again copy and paste back to the document ?


25 11 2007
Maria (21:25:46) :

Extremely useful website for those weak in chinese like myself. Thanks so much!

26 11 2007
Piet "fan lao shi" (00:32:53) :

I need to convert pinyin into characters. On a Mac, easy on Wiindows…

2 12 2007
kajap (20:26:29) :

thank you vvvvvvvery much……………..

13 12 2007
Abu Bakar (10:12:07) :

Really good support!

I had got software with chinese pronounciation of chinese text. It has been difficult to remember sounds as I am not a chinese person. This site helped to convert text in pinyin, easy to learn sounds for me.

Great work!

15 12 2007
kajap (20:39:49) :

So Cool ! Useful website Thanks

19 12 2007
Leo Hostel (02:59:56) :

Great stuff, very useful. Used your tool to convert our chinese menu into pinyin so the customers can learn some chinese :)

One question/suggestion. Is it possible to place the translated characters and pinyin separately in the right box, perhaps one above the other. Like below…

鸡[jī] 肉[ròu] 炒[chǎo] 饭[fàn] ….

Jī ròu chǎo fàn

Just an idea ;)

Keep up the good work!

Leo Hostel
Beijing, China
www dot leohostel dot com

6 02 2008
pak (14:29:34) :

very helpful. thanks.

12 02 2008
ez (00:20:47) :

very you!
come to malaysia i will buy u drink..hahaz..

12 03 2008
Lily Du (08:27:37) :

How to mark 4-tones on multipul tones (duo yin zi)? e.g. 数 , 3rd tone,verb, count. But 4th tone, is numbers. The system gives me 3rd tone only although I typed in two 数 . It always shows 3rd tone.

Thanks for help!

Lily Du

12 03 2008
admin (08:47:08) :

Try to convert : 数数字
数[shǔ]数字[shù zì]

The system recognizes that the second word is related to number and not count

Hope this helps.

23 05 2008
Melanie (11:49:39) :

Thanks for such a useful tool. I compared several converters online and this is the best! Thank you! It will be even BETTER if you can get ride of the square parentheses.

24 05 2008
Charmaine (04:09:34) :

Wow, this is excellent!!! was looking for this and i will be able to learn chinese characters myself with this tool!

1 06 2008
TomasKell (13:01:27) :

Hello webmaster, very nice site here, great work!

19 06 2008
Joanna (21:33:19) :

Great tool!! I haven’t found another converter that is as accurate as this one so far. Thanks so much~!!

Also, I agree with Leo Hostel. Would it be possible to put the Pinyin above the words instead of beside them?

Thanks again! :]

20 06 2008
admin (09:29:51) :

Thank you for the suggestions.

The intention for the brakets was to identify the pinyin output when the orignal text contains mixture of Chinese and English.

Similarly, if we were to place pinyin on top of the original text, the two outputs will be miss-aligned for long text.

25 06 2008
khsiung (09:26:15) :

Can we convert the whole file? For example, I have a Simplefied Chinese excel file and I want to convert to Tranditional Chinese . Thanks!

25 06 2008
cheng (21:30:10) :

Great site, but when I copy and paste the converted words (pinyin with tone mark) could not be pasted on the Mac. Word. So I only can use it as reference.

28 06 2008
asionx (02:09:37) :

thanks for a very nice help me improve my chinese very well…keep working on it….
this sites help me a lot..especially in singing chinese songs..thanks again…

16 07 2008
shiyutao (20:18:35) :

In two year I want to be a fluent chinese speaker and this site will help alot.
Thank you very much !!!

18 07 2008
maraybel (18:33:02) :

great site! i have been searching for this exact site for several weeks and at last i found it! it helped me got the correct chinese pronunciation.. thank you so much!

10 09 2008
Keaton (07:01:31) :

Great site! I have been slacking on my chinese and this is a great way for me to get back into reading Chinese characters that I enjoy. Thank you.

20 10 2008
seewei (14:19:11) :

Thank you for creating this site.

26 10 2008
cutelinksy (19:50:07) :

this is such an excellent tool! genius for the person who created this. i have been searching for years for a good chinese conversion tool (i want to learn chinese) but to no avail, most of it can’t recognise most of the charaters! this is so good, i will recommend it to my friends for sure….so happy i found this site

3 12 2008
stepperred (15:57:42) :

Add to my Bookmarks :)

26 12 2008
mara (14:01:43) :

love your site…very helpful. keep it up! 加油!

12 01 2009
Bruce Mellen (06:51:48) :

I am looking for PinYin for the following traditional characters associated with people’s names, but they are not converting with this tool.
豐, 翴, 棓, 晗, 淑, 蓁, 謝, 項

31 03 2009
heilkitty (06:34:23) :

Useful thing indeed. Thanks!

7 12 2009
??? (01:34:08) :


16 01 2010
dei (06:15:48) :

thanks!. (:

4 03 2010
Leong (18:43:11) :

What a great tool, I believe the only one of its kind on the internet! Another one here who agrees with Leo Hostel that it would be nice if the pinyin could be kept separate from the characters. Thank you very much for this wonderful facility.

18 03 2010
Matthew (18:52:00) :

very handy

16 04 2010
Dayantori (20:05:34) :

very good program you have here, and it is very useful for all of us, thanks!
but it will be useful as well if you have program in revert, pin yin to English ?

1 05 2010
Luosi (07:40:56) :

thanks a bunch.. very helpful indeed!!:)

18 05 2010
Navin (09:12:56) :

Hi, Thanks for the information. Can anyone let me know what is the logic that is followed in converting the Chinese to HTML codes.

20 05 2010
AhSeng (21:51:53) :

Nice . Very usefull..

8 06 2010
bunny swan (17:27:52) :

wo bu xi huan this website!!!!

17 06 2010
J (04:11:32) :

This is great. Thank you so much!

27 07 2010
Frankie (07:11:03) :

This is what I’m looking for can speak well but can’t read much.
Can we get more RSS on technical terms or words. USeful in translating technical documents.

28 07 2010
Mark (09:38:13) :

I tried it with 我不要睡觉,我没感觉, which catches a lot of these tools out.
A lot of people studying Chinese would like to be able to copy the pinyin without the hanzi though – using this I have to copy each of the pinyin parts separately and then put them together again. Why not do it all?

我[wǒ] 不要[bú yào] 睡觉[shuì jiào] ,我[wǒ] 没[méi] 感觉[gǎn jué]
wǒ bú yào shuì jiào, wǒ méi gǎn jué on a separate line so it can just be copied directly

12 09 2010
Steve (16:45:40) :

Thanks for this site, saves me a lot of time from entering keystrokes & tone marks with the IME.

12 09 2010
Steve (21:01:31) :

Great website, saved me at the last minute. Already bookmarked it.