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Ranking of most frequently used chinese words and phrases in publications and textbooks. (If you have a facebook account, you can access the top 601 words with this facebook gadget: “Chinese Audio Word Flashcards”)

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1-10 的,了,个,是,在,有,这,多少,我,上 的,了,個,是,在,有,這,多少,我,上 View
11-20 和,着,把,小,地,用,里,每,你,他 和,著,把,小,地,用,裡,每,你,他 View
21-30 数,人,要,中,来,下面,就,几,说,什么 數,人,要,中,來,下面,就,幾,說,什麼 View
31-50 天,米,到,得,还,各,我们,做,不,大,看,也,那,多,从,又,去,第,比,它 天,米,到,得,還,各,我們,做,不,大,看,也,那,多,從,又,去,第,比,它 View
51-70 下,再,种,能,好,哪,可以,都,分,给,长,为,些,时,以,想,啦,计算,样,怎样 下,再,種,能,好,哪,可以,都,分,給,長,為,些,時,以,想,啦,計算,樣,怎樣 View
71-90 走,课文,对,很,写,元,条,小时,只,向,题,本,呀,过,起来,次,她,练习,后,边 走,課文,對,很,寫,元,條,小時,隻,向,題,本,呀,過,起來,次,她,練習,後,邊 View
91-100 读,位,自己,吗,他们,最,倍,吨,图,釐米 讀,位,自己,嗎,他們,最,倍,噸,圖,釐米 View
101-120 例,平均,年,先,没有,第一,听,段,只,组,之,会,老师,为什么,买,同学,面积,叫,请,水 例,平均,年,先,沒有,第一,聽,段,只,組,之,會,老師,為什麼,買,同學,面積,叫,請,水 View
121-140 或,呢,画,像,求,花,块,高,棵,生产,歌曲,前,妈妈,行,表示,全,并,就是,快,曲 或,呢,畫,像,求,花,塊,高,棵,生產,歌曲,前,媽媽,行,表示,全,並,就是,快,曲 View
141-160 共,时候,家,起,甲,吃,谁,被,乙,书,运,可,班,带,与,台,啊,它们,计划,出來 共,時候,家,起,甲,吃,誰,被,乙,書,運,可,班,帶,與,臺,啊,它們,計劃,出來 View
161-180 如果,张,进,方法,放,想想,按,出,部分,声,罗,红,手,要求,词,分数,使,当,除,吧 如果,張,進,方法,放,想想,按,出,部分,聲,囉,紅,手,要求,詞,分數,使,當,除,吧 View
181-190 话,一共,已经,件,大家,头,爸爸,等,学习,事 話,一共,已經,件,大家,頭,爸爸,等,學習,事 View
191-200 而,怎么,少,商,根,点,不同,没,道,唱 而,怎麼,少,商,根,點,不同,沒,道,唱 View
201-210 学校,我国,孩子,于,飞,完,跑,角,课,才 學校,我國,孩子,於,飛,完,跑,角,課,才 View
211-220 打,字,乘,修,问题,答,加,小数,中国,地方 打,字,乘,修,問題,答,加,小數,中國,地方 View
221-230 意思,由,路,完成,根据,连,思考,重,观察,成 意思,由,路,完成,根據,連,思考,重,觀察,成 View
231-240 内容,太阳,树,真,问,跟,讲,知道,照,辆 內容,太陽,樹,真,問,跟,講,知道,照,輛 View
241-250 单位,月,生活,句子,句,训练,开,让,比较,人民 單位,月,生活,句子,句,訓練,開,讓,比較,人民 View
251-260 变化,老,综合,份,算式,工作,现在,时间,需要,你们 變化,老,綜合,份,算式,工作,現在,時間,需要,你們 View
261-270 作业,算,汽车,实验,所,说说,实际,人们,心,学 作業,算,汽車,實驗,所,說說,實際,人們,心,學 View
271-280 写出,白,看到,新,可是,原来,您,都是,叫做,吸 寫出,白,看到,新,可是,原來,您,都是,叫做,吸 View
281-290 爱,更,总,往,站,已,间,内,不能,越 愛,更,總,往,站,已,間,內,不能,越 View
291-300 宽,同学们,见,跳,祖国,顺序,敌人,拿,注意,然后 寬,同學們,見,跳,祖國,順序,敵人,拿,注意,然後 View

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7 responses to “Word Rank”

13 08 2007
Carl (19:59:04) :

nice site!

17 08 2007
Donna (11:15:43) :


Thank you for creating this wonderful site. I like the effect with the mouse over the text. It words similar to flash cards that I use for studying. BTW, do you plan to add more words?

17 08 2007
ozy (11:27:22) :

Hi Donna,

Thank you for the feedback. Yes, we are working on converting a list of over 2000 words. We will upload them as we progress.

23 08 2007
Jairo (00:09:13) :

I just discovered your site yesterday and I already value it as one
of the best for Chinese learning. I like especially that you make use
both of Traditional and Simplified characters.
Thanks a thousand.

PS/ I do not see any information on the creators of the site.

1 09 2007
Alex (01:50:52) :


This is a great site =)

The mouseover effect is excellent for when I’m on the computer. However, the mouseover effect is useless when you want to print it out for offline study.

Do you think its possible to produce a printable version? Perhaps a simple script to tabluate the mouseover content for printing?


16 09 2007
James (21:32:12) :

I too would like to have a printable version of the list. Do you think you can email me the list for the first 1000 words? PDF format would work for me.

P.s. Just in case, I am the one who just bought the editor a drink.

21 05 2008
Bill (00:43:28) :

Wow. Awesome.
This would be even better if I could download groups of flash cards to study on trips where I don’t have web access (like on the plane). Non-the-less, a great site.